Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat
Relaxing Comfort Mat



Relaxing Comfort Mat

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Why You'll Love Our Relaxing Comfort Mat

9 out of 10 customers said that their cat felt less stressed and anxious when using our Relaxing Comfort Mat and more customers reported that their cat was obsessed!

Our Relaxing Comfort Mat is engineered to eliminate anxiety and stress and make your cat as comfortable as possible. The cosy fabric provides security during stressful times, keeping your cat safe and happy!

Join Our Satisfied Customers:

"My cat ADORES this mat, she is very choosy with where she decides to lie down but this is a winner! it keeps her calm and relaxed through these cold winter months! Thanks!" 


Mandy, Bristol 

 Our Product Benefits

🐾 The Perfect Comfort - Perfect for cats who love to sleep! The cosy rim offers neck and body support that relieves pain. This will keep your kitty relaxed! 

🐾 Reduces Anxiety - Our mat provides a safe haven for your cat! The cosy fur copies the feel of a mother's fur coat, which naturally reduces anxiety and relaxes the nervous system.

🐾 Improved Behaviour & Health - By reducing your cat's stress and anxiety, you will also improve their mood and health! This will improve your cat's quality of life and your experience as an owner.

🐾 Cleaning Hair Is Easier - Our mat is the perfect place for your cat to relax. This means that their hair will be concentrated in one area, making it easier to clean!

🐾 Super-Soft Hypoallergenic Fabric - Our premium vegan fur is specially designed to be 100% safe for your cat! 

 🐾 Premium design - We offer many sizes and colours to suit any kind of furry friend, big or small!

🐾 Washable - Safe to machine wash (cold cycle and low tumble dry).

Reviews & Quotes 

“This is lovely for my brand new kitten. it has helped him settle in and he is now loving his new home! He now sleeps through the night and doesn't cry because of this mat"

- Kiara, Lincoln

" This is perfect for my cat, perfect size and lovely style!"

- Janice, Cornwall

"My cats are IN LOVE with this SUPER COSY MAT BED, 10/10 we approve!"

- Masie, London

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do you offer?

Check out our size guide for information! 

Can you wash it?

Yes absolutely! Cold Cycle with low tumble dry! 

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