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The PawRamp
The PawRamp
The PawRamp
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The PawRamp

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Why We Have The No.1 Rated Dog Ramp

Thousands of accidents happen in the UK every day with dogs climbing furniture!

The PawRamp is specially designed to help your dog, safely up and down furniture, helping to prevent jumping injuries. The PawRamp is a great investment in your dog’s health and happiness!

98% of customers reported that their dog found it much easier for their dog to safely get up & down furniture.


"This ramp makes me feel like my dog is safe from injuries around the house & car! It's perfect for helping older dogs or small dogs too!"  


Mary, Sydney


Product Benefits

🐾 Prevent Injuries - The perfect way to protect your dog from injury to their back, hips, or joints. The non-slip carpet provides extra protection from injuries, keeping your dog safe & happy!

🐾 Adjustable For All Furniture - Easily adjust the height to fit any furniture. Whether you want to help your pup to climb on the sofa or bed, or help them in/out of the car, The PawRamp is perfect!

🐾 Helps All Dogs - Whether your dog is a puppy or an older dog, injuries can occur whilst climbing up or down furniture. 

Why Do My Pets Need This?

The PawRamp is an ideal way to protect your dog from injury to his or her back, hips, or joints. It’s jarring when a dog jumps off the bed or the furniture, but they want to be with you!

Protect them by investing in The PawRamp - the best investment for your dog’s health and happiness! Teaching your dog to use The PawRamp is easy for them and offers peace of mind for you.


This product is so perfect my lovely miniature poodle, she is getting old now and struggles to jump up to the sofa so this is honestly so so perfect! Thank you guys for finding me with your amazing product!

- Sarah, Melbourne

"Aww my lovely sausage dog always struggled with getting up to the sofa, and we are also very aware of the spinal problems that sausage dogs can have so this was a godsend for her!"

- Julie, Perth

"One of those 'didn't know you needed it until you had it' kind of products! My lovely old cocker spaniel gets really timid nowadays, this is the perfect solution for her"

- Jodie, Brisbane 


Each ramp features “paw mat carpeting” for comfort and traction. The PawRamp is adjustable from 14 inches all the way to 24 inches; this makes it ideal for numerous types and heights of furniture. The PawRamp is tested to hold up to 250 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I train my dog to use the ramp?

If you’ve trained your dog to do anything, training them to use a ramp shouldn’t be an issue. The trick for most dogs is training with treats, and lots of praise when they use the ramp.

What is the PawRamp made of?

Our PawRamp is made of solid wood, and our special 'PupTraction "NONSLIP" Carpet' perfect for your pup to walk up without the worry of slipping!

What is the difference between the sizes?

Both of our PawRamps are made of the same materials and both of their structures are very similar - the only real difference is their sizes!

Size L (best for bed or couch)

  • 4 Heights at 12", 16", 20" & 24"
  • 40" Length x 16" Width
  • Weight tested to hold 36.5kg (80lbs)

Size M (best for the couch)

  • 2 Heights at 12" & 16"
  • 32.5" Length x 14" Width 
  • Weight tested to hold 32kg (70lbs)


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