Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots
Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots

Paw Comfort


Waterproof Dog Comfort Boots

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Our Dog Boots are expertly designed to keep your pup's paws safe and protected during the winter months. The premium waterproof material provides the ultimate level of protection against cold, wet and muddy surfaces, keeping you and your pup happy! 
93% of our customers report that their dog absolutely loved their new boots, whist over 70% mentioned that it made their walks more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable. 
"These little boots are a MUST HAVE for any dog owner during the winter. It helps keep your dog safe and warm and it also gives you the reassurance to let them be more adventurous! Plus, it makes clean-up time a lot easier! "


Sarah, London


🐾 KEEP YOUR DOG WARM & DRY - Your dog's paws are very sensitive to temperature. This can make your dog very uncomfortable during the winter months in the UK. Our boots are designed to keep your dog safe, warm, and comfortable, no matter the weather! 

🐾 AVOID EXPENSIVE VET VISITS - Paw injuries are extremely dangerous as they impact your dog's ability to walk. This often leads to many stressful and expensive vet visits. We designed our boots to avoid this and keep your pup healthy! 

🐾 PREVENT DISCOMFORT & PREVENT INJURY - During the winter, dogs are very likely to develop a paw injury. This can range from: cold-burns, skin damage, cuts, chafing, or even broken bones on slippery ice. This can severely impair your dog and their ability to walk. Prevent this with our specialised boots! 

🐾 KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE - As an owner, you are always looking for ways to keep your fur baby safe. Unfortunately, paw health (especially in winter) is often overlooked. That is why we designed these boots!

🐾 REDUCE ANXIETY - As cold pavements can be very uncomfortable for dogs, they can develop stress and anxiety during their daily walk. Sometimes, this may not be obvious to humans but it can severely impact your pup's mental health. Our functional boots help support your pup and offer them reassurance.

🐾 IMPROVE YOUR DOG WALKS - Walking is essential for the dog-human connection. Our boots help improve the quality of your dog's walking time and has been shown to help establish a meaningful bond between pup and owner!  

🐾 EASY ON, EASY OFF - Our boots operate with one simple strap. They are easy to put on/off in 15 seconds! 

🐾 100% WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE - Our premium soft material is durable and 100% waterproof. This offers the ultimate level of protection against the harsh winter elements.

🐾 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and the best shopping experiences. If you meet any issues, just send an email to us and all issues will be solved within 24 hours.

Why Buy This Product?

Paw Health is Extremely Important

Your dog's paws are one of their most sensitive areas. In addition to this, their paws are often subject to extreme and uncomfortable environments. This is also heightened during winter. Some common winter surface hazards for paws are listed below, along with the potential risk:

  • Excessive mud - this can cause extreme mess and even bacterial infection
  • Snow - This can cause cold temperature burns, which damage your dog's skin tissues
  • Ice - This can cause slipping which often results in bone breaks, dislocations and tendon damage
  • Cold pavements - asphalt can reach -10 degrees celsius during winter, this is very dangerous

We designed our boots to prevent all of these risks to your dog. This will lead to a happier, longer and healthier life! 

Improve Dog Walking

Dog walking is an essential ritual for man and dog. It allows for bonding time and leads to a healthy relationship. Cold weather can put pressure on this, as your dog will become more uncomfortable or desire to walk less. This can damage the relationship and even lead to dog depression. We care about this so we designed these boots to allow you to take your dog out as much as possible. This will lead to a happy dog and owner! 

Avoid a Painful and Costly Vet Visit

Paw health is an extremely important issue. In addition to this, the consequences are very serious. If your dog sustains a paw injury, it may not be able to walk for weeks. This can lead to further health issues and extremely expensive and uncomfortable vet visits! 

Avoid this with our expertly designed dog boots. They protect their paws and prevent injury.

Guaranteed Quality 

We are proud of our products and every one of our dog boots is thoroughly tested to ensure they are extremely durable and of amazing quality throughout.  

Size Guide

All sizes show the inner width of the boot. In addition to this, all of our boots are adjustable to acheive the perfect fit. If you are between 2 sizes, we suggest sizing-up.

Method for measurement:

Place your dog's paw firmly on a piece of paper. Draw a circle around their foot and measure the widest part. Finally, choose a boot size that is slightly larger than the foot size.

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